ARA Power APIs

Similar to Weather APIs, ARA offers experimenters options to retrieve and analyze the energy consumption of components involved in their experiments or study communication systems behavior from an energy-consumption perspective.

At present, ARA offers APIs for collecting power-related data from 4 Base Station (BS) sites and from Sandbox. At first, we provide APIs for the overall power consumption of BS sites. We plan to add additional APIs for the fine-grained energy measurements soon involving options to select individual components at the sites. The power related attributes provided by the APIs are shown in the table below.

Power-related parameters

Serial No.




Load Amps



Load VA



Load Watts


Using the ARA Power Module

The arawireless Python library offers a single solution to generic ARA measurement APIs including weather and power. The steps for using power-related APIs are as follows:

  1. Launch a container of your choice, for example, as shown in the Hello World experiment.

  2. Install dependencies and ARA Wireless Python library

    • Install the dependencies git and pip.

      # apt update
      # apt install python3-pip git
    • Install the arawireless Python library:

      # pip install git+
  3. Use the following instructions in either Python shell or within your Python script for extracting the power consumption of a deployment site. An example usage from the Python shell is shown below. Run the following commands in the container shell.

    # python3
    >>> from arapower import power
    >>> power_data = power.get_current_aggregate_power(['WilsonHall'])
    >>> print(power_data)

    You can retrieve weather data from multiple sites using the same function as follows:

    >>> power_data = power.get_current_aggregate_power(['WilsonHall', 'AgFarm'])
    >>> print(power_data)

    The function get_current_aggregate_power() returns the energy consumption at the current time in a Python dictionary.