ARA User Interface

In ARA, we envision to provide users with different interfaces, such as web-portal, Command Line Interface (CLI), and Jupyter Notebook interface, for using ARA infrastructure and perform experiments. For Phase-1, we provide the web-portal as the primary mode of access. The CLI and Notebook based interfaces are under development.

ARA Portal

The web-portal of ARA, we call as ARA Portal or AraPortal, forms the graphical user interface for ARA. The portal enables a user to login to ARA environment, explore the ARA resources, reserve resources, and perform experiments. The portal includes a dashboard with different menus for managing compute resource reservations, container management, network management, and user identity management. Each menu takes users specific web-pages for managing specific resources. For instance, using the Containers menu in dashboard, users can create, launch, execute commands, and stop containers.