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To access ARA resources, a new user needs to first join an existing project or create a new project in ARA. In what follows, we explain the concept of Project in ARA and the processes by which a new project can be created and a new user can join an existing project.

Projects in ARA

Projects in ARA provide the environment for users to use the ARA resources. A project in ARA consists of a group of users along with options for them to manage ARA resources such as wireless, network, compute, and storage resources. As detailed below, a typical project in ARA has two types of users: (1) a project administrator and (2) project members.

ARA Users

The roles of ARA users are classified into two types: (1) Project Administrator and (2) Project Member.

  • Project Administrator: A project administrator can be a person who can play the role of administrator for the activities in ARA on behalf of a group. A typical example of a project administrator can be the Principal Investigator (PI) or a person leading a research group, a professor teaching a course involving wireless research, or the manager of a research team in industry. In ARA, a project administrator is allowed to manage all aspects of a project including adding/deleting users to the project, assigning roles to its users, creating/deleting networks, creating/deleting security groups, creating/deleting leases, and creating/stopping/deleting containers. To get a Project Administrator access to ARA, users can submit a request in the ARA User Sign-up Form. Once the request is approved by the ARA team, the user gets a confirmation email so that they can login to the portal and add project members. Instructions on adding project members can be found in ARA User Management.

  • Project Member: A project member in ARA has the rights to execute experiments which includes activities such as reserving resources, creating containers on the reserved resources, and executing experiments in the containes created. In order to get a project member access to the ARA platform, a user can send a request to the related project administrator. In case if you are a stand-alone independent researcher or you are not working under a person who plays the role of project administrator in ARA, contact us at so that we may consider the request.